Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Thoughts for the Future...

There is one event that has been occupying both my daily thoughts and my sweet dreams since before Christmas. Unfortunately, it won't be here until April. The event I'm alluding to is a three-day long extravaganza of exclusive fun, bizarre style, and fab music. Yes, it's the COACHELLA VALLEY MUSIC FESTIVAL. The music is important, the friends you take are important, and making sure you secure your ticket in the grass to park your tent is important, but what to wear is also worthy of big concern. I've started browsing. It's a little hard with it being 47 degrees right now and 90 something degrees come mid-April. 

These are definite possibilities (especially since I ordered them already... eeep!)

Pictures of these on me will be posted upon the arrival of my UPS package in 7-10 days!

A smile from the three-year-old fashionista:

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