Friday, January 14, 2011

A Little Insight

Posted by: Dresden

While considering what pieces (literally) of clothing I’ll be wearing for the hot weekend in Coachella this spring, I began browsing pictures of the oh-so-famous celebrities that have graced the polo grounds over the previous years. I also came across some people just like me-excited to be there and having just as much fun dressing up.

Here are Kelly Osborne and Sienna Miller at the 2008 Coachella Festival. As rad as Kelly’s sunglasses are, I’d never be wearing a toga. Anywhere. I like Sienna’s outfit though. The dress, although short and a little sheer, covers quite a bit more than your average female Coachella goer. Belt and Shoes? Tied the outfit together phenomenally. I’m imagining those shoes created some sweaty feet, but I love them nonetheless. “Droopy boots.” Something I might look for J


I don’t know who this is, but I like her style. It’s simple and easy, but catches your eye… right? I may have to pick one day out of the three-day-long weekend and pair a bright, light-weight scarf, a tank (or t-shirt) dress with some hip(pie) accessories and feathery Jerusalem cruisers. I can throw it all on and hit the grass with the other indie rock-loving, possibly tree-hugging, almost bare naked 20-somethings.

I loooove Kate Hudson…  but let’s focus on the outfit. Everyone who has heard about Coachella has surely heard about how hot it gets. It’s important to dress cool so that you can enjoy the entire day of set lists and speedy walks from stage to stage. That, among other reasons, is why I love that Kate wore a simple tank and feminine skirt over her bikini. Short boots always look good. And they almost always look good arranged with lovely, delicate items.  I also love what the multitude of bracelets do for the outfit. Jewelry is one thing I definitely lack. This will be my motivation. Other than the fact that she fits right in with Coachella company (not so sure that the paparazzi saw that as the case), this outfit is just CUTE…

O.M.G… This picture of Whitney has me contented to no end. The fabulousness of 80s attire has been captured. I need to know what she’s wearing on her feet, but I’d definitely wear these bike shorts paired with either this top or a florescent pink or feather grey tank from American Apparel. Mom, I will be coming to your closet this year.

What I probably WON'T be wearing to Coachella…

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