Saturday, January 22, 2011

Operation: organize closet

Posted by: Dresden



I thought about all week how I was going to be spending my Saturday doing about five to seven loads of laundry and organizing my closet and dresser. After reading about organizing your closet on kendi everyday I was inspired to purge through and get everything out of there that I haven't worn in a while. And there was a lot--three trash bags full. I had my closet cleaned before the Imperial Valley suffered through its 7.2 earthquake last spring. Then, once everything fell off the shelves, I sort of just kept it that way. Embarrassing, I know. I had done a little straitening up, I promise! But it did just get worse from there. I have yet to sort of see what I have and what I need in the case of shopping, but my closet looks marvelous! I picked up the shoes that were on the floor and organized them into boxes on the shelf and put sandals in a shoe organizer. (I've never had one before). All the shorts, pajamas, work-out shorts and sweats were all arranged in disorderly way in the drawers of my dresser. I managed to purge, separate and fold and I feel so much better. Starting tomorrow morning, I'll have access to all the items in my closet, and I really hope I can stay on top of laundry duty and not let it get this far out of control again. I got my car detailed two months ago and it still looks good! I've just got to start fresh and keep up with my good habits. Anyway, as sadly revealing as it is, here are the before and after pictures of my operation.

Feels good to get rid of this stuff!

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