Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Introducing Dresden

Shirt: Padres Store
Glasses: Von Zipper
Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Headband: Urban Outfitters
Beer: Blue Moon

I'm Dresden. Don't panic, it's pronounced just the way it sounds :) A little over a year ago, I moved back to my small hometown in the southeast corner of California after graduating from Cal State Long Beach. I'm a writing major and I work a regular, eight to five job in a small office.I have a boyfriend and he has a daughter - a lot of my time is also spent with them. You'll probably see the petite, wide-eyed toddler pop up in my posts every once in a while. With the hectic lifestyle that comes with growing up and working full-time, I've found myself slipping away from doing what I love most. I figure blogging will help keep my creative writing powers in full force. I've also let myself get a little behind on acessorizing, closet organizing and... laundry. Even though I pride myself on having a flair for relaxed, indie-chic style and an intuition for reoccuring or new trends, keeping up with Ashley by posting regularly will help me get serious about utilizing all the gems I have hiding in my closet (and laundry basket). As far as what I like, you'll catch me obsessively browsing Urban Outfitters, as well as American Apparel for my ideas and/or items for my shopping cart.I like scarves, headbands, fanny packs, dresses, oversized shirts, bike shorts and oxfords. A little unordinary? Perhaps, but I try to make it work. You'll see.

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