Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Camera!

Yes! I finally got a new camera. Here is the result :) I got lots of compliments on this dress today. And I bought it from Buffalo Exchange two years ago! I thought I'd pair it with red shoes. These shoes are .. eh... old, but I like the look. And.. you've seen these tights before. I wore them with my blue dress quite some time ago. Got them at Urban.

When?: March 16, 2011
Where?: Work
Dress: Buffalo Exchange
Shoes: Report
Necklace: Forever 21


  1. I loooove this outfit, Dres! It's great! And your hair is getting so long!

  2. Dude!! You're so effin adorable, I want to steal that dress!

  3. What a lovely dress! And yay for the new camera!

  4. thank you and thank you! :) Yay! is right !