Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Belt revisited

Yes I know this belt has made about three appearances in the last three posts... maybe? Yes, I think so. I'm sorry. I realize that's overkill. I can't help it though! It looks good with everything. I think what the problem was... was that I never accessorized much before-or as much as I should have. So when I shopped for more jewelry and belts, I went a little crazy. :) It won't be showcased next time, I promise. This tank top (under the white collared shirt) I got at Buffalo Exchange. I took a huge bundle of clothes to try and sell there. Not much luck... but about $8 store credit. This is the $8 investment I made! There is this thing that happens when you sell your clothes. You, at one point, cherished whatever it is you're giving away, and the lady behind the counter is putting it all in a stack on the side because she assumes no one will want it. Tis' sad. They always give you that run-around speech about how they are trained to take only what they know they're missing on the racks, which, I guess is supposed to make you feel better. I usually reply with, "ok, well whatever. Do you have some place you can donate all this so I don't have to walk around with it anymore... or stare at it in my trunk?" And then I sigh and walk away in embarrassment.

When?: March 11, 2011
Where?: California Mid Winter Fair and Fiesta!
Top: Cotton On
Pants: Pac Sun
Belt: Lulus
Shoes: ecote
Necklace: Forever 21

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