Friday, February 4, 2011


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Urban Outfitters has some new dresses. Hip hip Hooray for me! but not for my bank account... I really love dresses. You can make them fancy or casual and they can cover up your mid-section if you're having a bad day! They're classy and not one is ever the same, well, hardly. There is, of course, the lbd... but I'm talkin Urban Outfitters. I'm talking new colors, new styles, old styles coming back, and variety. I've gathered a few to share with everyone. Urban Outfitters can be a little expensive, but I really do usually buy what's on sale. They have the best sales ever. These, however, are not... but they're fun to look at.
These are quite Spring-ish, so they might be hard to wear right now. At least for Ashley, because it snowed in Texas this morning. But it's exciting to think of Spring and Summer and all the care-free, warm styles those seasons bring. This season, I'm anticipating a lot of corals, pinks and reds. I even noticed it in Ashley's last post. These colors are fine by me!

Also, I couldn't get the image of a particular dress I really liked, but I'll put the link here. It's called the "Vintage 90s Blossom Babydoll Dress." I love how 90s is considered vintage already. or maybe I don't love it considering it makes me feel pretty old... Anyways, whether you like it or not, 90s styles are coming back. Yes, I just said that. Now wait and watch it happen. Urban Outfitters is a huge fashion forward (fashion backward?) phenomenon. At least, in my opinon, but maybe that's because I love it so much. They have very sophisticated looks that always seem to work in the right way. The dress, exclusive to UO, is a big step. It's risky, but I'm thinking they aren't doubting what will be a big hit. I'd wear it. Honestly. And I think if it's paired with the right pair of high socks and oxfords, people may look at it wholly as an interesting, bold fashion statement. Blossom was never really that cool. I have to admit I had a hat or two with a huge flower in the front. But... my point is that Blossom may be cooler now than she's ever been. They're naming dresses after her on Urban Outfitters. 90s here we come.

Dock martins, flannel, high-waisted jeans, puffy sleeves and stockings are already in... bring on the overalls and babydoll dresses.

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  1. love these dresses, especially the last one :)